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Missouri City Tax Information

Looking for Missouri local city tax and withholding information? We provide the latest resources on state tax, unemployment, income tax and more.

Kansas City earnings taxes and 1.0% (employee)

monthly or quarterly returns and
annual Form 1214-KCW3 to:
Division of Revenue
414 East 24th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106-2786

Saint Louis earnings taxes and 1.0% (employee)
monthly Form W-11 and quarterly Form
W-10S or quarterly Form W-10 and
annual Form E-4 and Form W-3 to:
Earnings Tax Division
PO Box 66966
Saint Louis, MO 63166-6966

Saint Louis payroll expense taxes 0.5% (employer)
and quarterly Form P-10 to:
City of St. Louis

Earnings and Payroll Tax Divison
1200 Market Street Room 410
Saint Louis, MO 63103
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TAX TIDBIT... To correctly calculate withholding near wage base limits, enter your Gross Salary Year-to-date. It's important for an accurate calculation and is usually found on your last pay stub.